Policy elements

Identification of problem areas

Policy Element type: Strategy

In the city environment, there are already existing datasets that are suitable for creating new visualizations by their nature (geotimeseries). By deeper analysis of these data, splitting into partial attributes and adding spatial and time component, we can efficiently visualize these data using a heatmap technology that will show us problem sites in conjunction with other data at once.
Using different filters, we can, for example:
– find out places where various security risks accumulate
– sorting the type of these risks in detail – traffic accidents, wrong parking, inappropriate behavior, increased crime, …
– compare with other data sources/layers – existing traffic signs, parking areas, police tracks, control activities,…
– determine frequency of events over time – during the day of distribution within the year
These findings can be then addressed by organizational measures such as:
– traffic measures – traffic signing, tuning of light signaling, …
– traffic controls – speed ​​measurement, parking check, …
– police inspections – upgrading of control routes, coordination between the Municipal and State Police
– local interventions – cleaning, building measures, …
Allowing time shift in visualisation then enable to verify success of taken measures with comparision to the state before.

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