Dataset Types

Municipal Police events


Both the State Police and the Municipal Police are active and supervised in Pilsen. The Municipal Police enter their activity data into the MPManager software, which is only available to them. They can enter data directly in the field or subsequently from the office. The data are categorized according to the type of event (accident, offense, crime, etc.). These data contain, in addition to this categorization, time and desription,  the GPS location of the event. Data are not presented as opendata.

For use in city geographical information system, data is only provided with event category and only to secured project. For use in the Polivisu project, a test sample of data for a limited period was first provided. The data were then  divided into traffic-related events (accidents, parking, speed) and other events (eg controls, crimes, drug addiction, run-in animals). Both datasets were used for visualizations using heatmap technology. The exported data for the PoliVisu project do not contain any personal data.

Main data elements:

A record containing the type of event. (control, accidents, parking offences, crimes, drug addiction, run-in animals, etc. ), its location, time, and other service information.

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