Policy elements

Pilsen Sustainable mobility plan (SUMP/PUMP) measures

Policy Element type: Strategy

The Sustainable Mobility Plan of Pilsen (PUMP) (http://www.mobilita-plzen.cz/) is a strategic document that supports decision-making on the implementation of both investment and non-investment measures in Pilsen’s transport services. It focuses on discussing priorities in wider public representation, measurable decision-making and exploring wider impacts of the measures considered. PUMP is an important basis for financing EU funded projects for the period 2014-2020.
The goal of PUMP is to strive to support individual modes of transport where they are most beneficial and where they can reach the widest range of users to move from car to sustainable modes of transport. In public transport, it is the backbone transport relationship, in bicycle transport arrangements are made on attractive routes along the rivers, for walking the improvement of conditions at short distances in the wider center of the city, in automobile transport especially the construction of circuits for better transfer of distant transport links across the city.
The investment strategy of the City of Pilsen will focus on co-financing essential regional and state investments to complete the urban circuit and reduce the traffic load of the center. Measures within the urban area will be geared to supporting non-automotive traffic, IAD regulation, maintenance, reconstruction and repair of existing infrastructure, soft measures. At the same time, the city will take part in government investment in rail transport and will link cycling routes to a continuous network.
PUMP includes a total of 82 measures of different types, classified into 24 packages. They associate measures that are most often interlinked by location or direction, but also by the time interrelationship or the same theme realized on the territory of Pilsen in different places. In most cases, sub-projects in the package of measures have different wearers, which increases the need for coordination between different actors.

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