Policy elements

Reduce nr of cars passing city centre

Policy Element type: Objective

The diversion of a part of the traffic from Pilsen center can of course be achieved by reducing the number of passing cars. This can be solved in several ways. More radical, such as the construction of a new bypass or bridge or softer ones such as traffic constraints, traffic light signaling, …
Verification of the success of the steps will be performed by comparing past and future/predicted traffic volumes.  This comparision will be  allowed by the developed tools based on traffic sensors.
As the binding criteria we can use those listed in Sustainable mobility plan (PUMP) :
– The city center will be better accessible by public and non-motorized traffic
– The number of journeys by car to the city center will be reduced by 20%, proportionally by 8% will be raised public transport to the city center.
– The total number of trips will be maintained. The car traffic in the center of Pilsen will increase from 44% to 39% for drivers and co-drivers.
– The share of public transport in the center of Pilsen will increase from 49% to 55% for public transport passengers, public transport and passenger rail transport.
– The share of non-motorized traffic in the center of Pilsen will increase from 7% to 8% for pedestrians and cyclists.
– The number of public transport passengers crossing the center of Pilsen will increase by 4%.
– The number of cars crossing the center in Pilsen will be reduced by 15%.

Car traffic moves on roads outside the residential area and the city center
– The city’s communication network will expand 12.9 km.
– A total reconstruction will pass through urban roads with a total length of 5.3 km.

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