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Roadworks data


In Pilsen, data on works affecting roads and traffic on them has been collected so far and maintained in simple lists. Moreover, the data was not collected continuously, but once per half a year. In addition to obvious data such as start and end dates and titles, the timeliness and precise spatial delimitation of the affected roads, along with the scope of works, is particularly important to our project. This was not allowed by this attitude, however.

During the PoliVisu project (but independent of), this records were transformed into a digital records in the form of a editable website based on database. The main benefit was the delegation of the obligation to continuously edit these data directly by their authors, ie various municipal, regional and state organizations. However, their connection to the map section and the traffic model is still missing.

As part of the PoliVisu project, we are now planning to benefit from this dataset as it has profiled itself as a central location where both current and planned road works are conducted. There will be developed new module to the Traffic Modeler application, where the entry of planned restrictions will be completely based directly on the map. This module should then be the right central place for the collection and list of road works, including their presentation to the public.

When best to use
Simulitaing impacts over traffic model.
Main data elements:

Roadwork containing name, dates, duration, set of closed street segments from traffic model.

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