Pageflow is an open source story telling engine, which allows to guide users through a step-by-step story, to e.g. convey the why and how’s of policy decisions, referring to map-based analyses.

Why Pageflow?

Rather than building a new map-based storytelling tool from scratch, we explored different options, either by adopting existing storytelling tools, or even adapting open source storytelling tools if additional features would be required. Based on the comparative exercise, we were able to recommend Pageflow, an open source storytelling platform built by Codevise. While not being a native map-based storytelling tool, it is able to convey messages convincingly. 


There are two options for implementing Pageflow: either Open Source or Hosted. The open source version is free, and requires setting up a server, which is not necessary in the hosted version. For the stories presented via the Polivisu project, we opted to apply the hosted version, as this allows us to use an off-the-shelf solution which can be set up and be implemented quickly.

A complete overview of features is found on the website of the tool.

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