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Traffic accidents data in the Czech Republic

Road safety is a major concern worldwide. With the traffic accidents data, decision makers at different levels of governance can gain data driven insights to better design, implement and evaluate measures aimed at reducing road accidents based on locally available data. For instance, law enforcement agencies use the tool as a monitoring system to improve daily operations or the quality of Police reports.

In the Czech Republic, the traffic accidents data is published as open data. The data is made available for download on a monthly basis at the official Police statistics website. The data is geolocalised, includes the data and time of the accident and contains information about the driver, vehicle as well as external circumstances of the accident. For instance, the data provides information on:

  • accident culprit (motored vehicle driver, non-motor vehicle drive, pedestrian)
  • usage of alcohol and drugs by the driver
  • accident cause (speeding, red light driving, pedestrian on a crossing etc.)
  • vehicle type (car, truck, bicycle, tram, bus, motocycle etc.)
  • specific location (pedestrian crossing, public transport stop)
  • consequences (fatal, light injury, heavy injury)

Traffic accident in Pilsen

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