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Free online course: Better policy making through data and visualisations

Course description

Under the framework of the PoliVisu project, the consortium created a MooC on The Open University - Open Learn Create platform.

The MooC aims to promote the use of advanced visualisations in transport policy making. Focusing on urban mobility as an important subfield within transportation, the course provides a holistic view of data visualisations and their role at different stages of the policy process. The course draws on multiple disciplines, learning formats and best practices to offer content that is both engaging and insightful for a wide range of audiences.

Target audience
  • Public sector staff who either work with data directly (analysts, data officers etc.) or depend on it to make informed decisions e.g. department managers, councilors, mayors, CEOs, elected officials
  • Social scientists, journalists and civil society groups interested in exploring social issues through data visualisations
  • University students studying towards a degree in transport, urban mobility, data science or related fields
  • GIS specialists, traffic engineers, web developers and Open Source enthusiasts
Outcomes for participants
  • Upon completion each participant receives a statement of participation
  • Gain an understanding of how transport policy is being made and what impact the emergence of big data has had on the process
  • Know how to formulate policy challenges related to urban mobility and find ways to address them through policy visuals
  • Be able to use policy visualisations to engage stakeholders and gather policy evidence through co-creation techniques