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Transit out from city centre

Policy Element type: Goal

The location of the city center itself in the already complicated geographical situation of Pilsen automatically raises transport complications. In particular, the lack of bridges over the rivers raises day-to-day congestions on the main city roads in rush hours. The current situation is, that there is a daily meet of commuting, especially in the north-south direction (most of the housing in the north x industry and the authorities behind the river in the south) with transit traffic. For these reasons, Sustainable mobility plan (PUMP) (http://www.mobilita-plzen.cz/) has been created in the past to conceptually and in conjunction with a number of other measures solves traffic situation. However, their impact was only be assessed on the basis of the imperfect data sources at that time  (“traffic model of the first generation”) or entirely without them. The city aims to create the conditions for the most accurate verification and assessment of the impacts of already approved or brand new traffic measures.
In particular, the following actions should be pursued:
– creation of a traffic model of the 2nd generation calibrated using data from traffic sensors
– creating visualization of traffic volumes (based on sensor data) with the possibility of shifting over time
– incorporating tools that will allow modeling of traffic measures (close segment, change capacity, new segment)

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