The module will be based on the ATC’s experience from developing the  commercial product Truly Media, a web application which acts as a social media Content Management System. It is a powerful collaboration platform which can be used for the collaborative aggregation, management and verification of social media items. It facilitates the business workflow of a team which aims at searching, storing and organizing social media items and other articles from the internet. The members of a team can easily search content with advanced filters ingest it inside collections in order to work collaboratively with it; by adding annotations, assigning tasks extracting information. Moreover, this module offers a way to start an aggregation campaign, collecting automatically multiple documents and social media items related to a specific topic and providing statistics. With this, a team can also create an editorial report based on the material and findings of a collection and post the report on Twitter, Facebook or as HTML in a website.

In addition, TruthNest is the second social media tool and acts as a standalone web application aiming to analyse a Twitter source or a tweet in order to produce analytics and aggregated statistics. It is mainly used by journalists for verification purposes but it can also be used as a marketing or investigation tool by anyone wishing to analyse a source in Twitter and get insights about his behavior and network. The results are covering the past activity, the network of friends and followers as well as the influence of the source. Finally, TruthNest offers a powerful way to search in Twitter, focusing on different visualizations which enrich Twitter’s advanced search such as: fetching the first tweet which mentions a hashtag or providing a timeline view of the most important tweets related to a topic during the last week.

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