Warp 10™ is a software which is designed to collect, store and analyze sensor data. Sensor data are ingested as sequences of measurements, also called time series. Warp 10 offers the possibility for each measurement to also have spatial information specifying the geographic coordinates and/or the elevation of the sensor at the time of the reading. Those augmented measurements form what we call Geo Time Series™. This makes complex searches like “find all the sensors active during last Monday in this defined area” much easier and faster.

Warp 10 also comes with the WarpScript™ language which offers more than 900 functions and six high-level frameworks to ease and speed time series analysis. This is the main differentiating factor as traditional time series platforms offer few manipulation options, which cannot express complex analysis or provides a reduced set of aggregation functions. WarpScript lets the user focus on his/her business use cases, simplifying IoT and sensor data applications by taking care of a larger chunk of the data analysis in a very efficient way.

Security and privacy have also been addressed by Warp 10 since its very inception, this includes fine grain access control mechanisms, encryption capabilities and throttling management to enable full multi-tenancy of the platform. The platform is also open source which allows anyone to assess the level of security this platform provides.

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